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Piedmont Sports Medicine

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Foot and ankles do a lot of work carrying the weight of the body and propelling it through space, which over time places a great deal of stress and strain of the very delicate bones, muscles and ligaments located in this area. If you’re an athlete or someone who likes to participate in sports, especially those that include running and a constant turning and twisting of the feet and ankles the amount of stress to this area is greatly increased. With all the extra stress and sudden twisting movements feet and especially ankles are easily damaged or injured. Our Premier Foot & Ankle Center provides Piedmont sports medicine for both the pro and weekend athletes in the community.

Piedmont sports medicine treats foot and ankle problems that are related to athletics, dance or have the same symptoms that were caused non-sports injuries or by constant wear and tear. Our practice sees many patients that are suffering from traumatic injuries to the feet and ankles including strains, sprains, fractures and dislocations. Our group has extensive experience in dealing with post-traumatic reconstruction of whatever happened on the field. Podiatrists such as our doctors are the first line of defense against sustaining an injury through proper conditioning and proactive steps including training, conditioning and the use of safety equipment and specially fitted immobilization.

Our Piedmont sports medicine practice most often will prescribe a conservative approach to alleviating whatever the sports related such as rest, ice, changes in and medication. However, there are instances where a surgical procedure is the best and longest lasting solution to a sports related injury. Some sports injuries do not result in an acute injury but years of constant use contribute to conditions such as arthritis, tendonitis or bursitis. Managing a condition such as arthritis is usually the way to treat it rather than a one-time cure approach. Our doctors will help you manage these chronic conditions as well as treat the more acute injuries so if you have a problem due to sports or a related activity call our office for an appointment.

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