Piedmont sports medicine

Piedmont Sports Medicine

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Sports medicine services in Piedmont

Piedmont sports medicine
Piedmont sports medicine

How often do you engage in sports? You might just do it on weekends, or you may be a full-time athlete. Either way, our services here at Premier Foot & Ankle Center, LLC are vital. With our sports medicine, you can depend on specialized care for a range of common sports-related injuries and conditions. Our job is to get you back to full capacity and playing again as quickly as possible, and to ensure that you have experienced optimal healing in the process. Furthermore, there are many instances in which our foot doctor can assist in preventing recurrences.

There are few sports that do not take a noticeable toll on your feet and ankles. And it’s simply not possible to perform at your best unless your feet feel healthy, strong, and pain-free. The heel is a particularly vulnerable area, and one that our Piedmont sports medicine focuses on frequently. Both plantar fasciitis and heel spurs can occur, sometimes at the same time. And you can also develop Achilles tendinitis or a ruptured tendon, also in the general heel area. Ankles are also prone to injury, with sprains being very common. And because of friction and tight footwear, you might also develop corns, calluses, or blisters. Our Piedmont sports medicine also addresses athlete’s foot, a fungal infection associated with itching and burning of the foot that can spread to your toenails. Treatments for sports injuries and conditions range from topical medication to shoe orthotics to surgery. It is always a priority to administer the most non-invasive treatment that will yield the best results.

As an active person, you simply don’t feel right when you’re sidelined and unable to participate in your sport or sports of choice. And our Piedmont sports medicine is sensitive to that. Contact us to make an appointment. Come in for expert diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment.

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